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Monday to Friday
8:00AM to 4:00PM


Animal Control Officer/Humane Law Enforcement Officer

Michelle Santoro, ACO, HLEO


Emergency after 4 pm and on weekends: 


Animal Control

New Jersey law requires that municipalities appoint a certified Animal Control Officer (ACO) to be responsible for animal control within the jurisdiction of the municipality. Animal Control Officers become certified by completing a 3-credit course approved by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. A Humane Law Enforcement Officer is responsible to investigate instances of animal abuse or cruelty.  Read more in Essential Components of Animal Control.

The Bernards Township Animal Control Officer/Humane Law Enforcement Officer (HLEO) is responsible for the following in Bernards Township & Peapack and Gladstone Borough:

  • Dog and cat licensing and record keeping (Bernards only)
  • Maintains a dog/cat census (Bernards only)
  • Facilitates animal adoption as needed
  • Investigation of animal bites including rabid domestic or wild animals
  • Confinement or impoundment of biting animals
  • Investigation of lost, stray, injured or nuisance domestic animals
  • Evaluation and veterinary care for injured animals
  • Education of the public on care of domestic animals and lifestyle of wild animals

In addition, in all six contractual towns, the BT ACO is responsible for:

  • Rabies Control including Rabies Clinics

Please note: If your dog or cat is injured and without identification, the Animal Control Officer is required by law to seek medical treatment. The cost incurred for treatment will be the owner's responsibility.